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Alright! You have to agree that at some point in your life, you’ve thought of creating your own beautiful and amazing website which could help you collect a good amount of revenue, isn’t it? But trust me, not even half of you have been able to successfully do so!! It’s obviously because you didn’t get the right platform, the right ingredients, and guidance for accomplishing this task.

But don’t worry my friends because, in this article, I’m going to tell you about an amazing website builder that will help you make your creative website without any heavy investment. Yes, my friends, I’m talking about this superb platform called Wix. Don’t you go anywhere because this is something you must check out? So, keep scrolling guys.

What is Wix?

I know this is, probably, the first question that popped out into your head, right? Well, Wix is a solid platform that gives you the freedom to create your breathtaking websites. It doesn’t matter if you want to advertise your business, express your work or you want to promote your stores, etc. All of it is possible with just a single click. You can design, create and manage your self-created websites with zero trouble and extreme efficiency. Guys! Seriously, what more do you want? I suggest you check this one out!!

wix best website builder

Benefits of Using Wix

As I told you earlier, the benefits of using Wix are numerous. If you don’t believe me, you can always check out all the positive responses from worldwide users regarding the platform. But just for you, I’m going to list some of the great benefits that Wix offers you –

  • Create a Free and Professional Website – Wix will help you to create a top-grade quality website for free. It provides you with about 500 amazing templates, powerful SEO tools, 24×7 customer care, and many more. Trust me, it’s not limited to being a website builder, it holds much more than that. 
  • Built-inE-Commerce Features – Wix provides you with built-in e-commerce features i.e. you can easily sell your items and take bookings for your services. With all the tools Wix provides, you can easily expand and promote your business for boosting your sales. 
  • Free  Web Hosting – You create a website from Wix, you get free and reliable web hosting. Every single piece of your content is kept in secure servers located all around the world. Therefore, it won’t ever slow down the opening and functioning of your website in any corner of the world. 

So, I hope you can now get an idea of what kind of promise Wix holds. You can do a lot of amazing things with this platform. The things that I’ve listed are just a few of its benefits, so, keep scrolling or check Wix out yourself to know more about this platform.

Features That Wix Holds

Now, a lot of you must be wondering, why is Wix so amazing? What characteristics does it have and why its the greatest website builder out there? So, let me answer your questions, just by simply listing its awesome features.

  1. Wix Editor – It offers you complete freedom in designing your website. It depends on you, how you want your website to look like. It offers you more than 500 designer-made templates, you just have to choose the one appealing to you. It even offers you to customize these templates according to your taste. This feature makes it an amazing and flexible tool. 
  2. Wix ADI – Wix will provide you with a few questions and Wix ADI i.e. Wix Artificial Design Intelligence will instantly fabricate a professional website according to the answers that you will submit for the asked questions. This makes it an efficient and simple tool that even a beginner can use to create his first website. 
  3. VELO BY Wix Open Dev Platform – This helps you create advanced web applications without any effort and simple coding. You can manage all your content from all databases, add your code in the built-in IDE and work in your environment. It’s simple and efficient and most importantly, it gives you total freedom regarding your website design. 
  4. Built-in Tools To Grow Your Business Online – Wix provides you with great and powerful tools that will help your website expand rapidly. Holding amazing tools like an online store, professional blog, logo maker, SEO tools, etc. makes this feature provided by Wix truly remarkable. You don’t even have to work your socks off for promoting your website. Wix gets the job done for you. 
  5. Manage and Promote YOUR Business Online – Wix helps you to manage your business with great efficiency. Its awesome tools also provide you with an option of Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, and a lot more. You can also track your success and get information on how to improve your content for getting a wider range of audience. 

These were some of the great features offered by Wix which also explain why Wix has become a famous platform among a lot of people. These features make Wix the best website builder that you can get out there. Thus, you should, probably, stop wasting your time and check it out yourself so that you can start on your plans before it gets too late.

How to Make a Website with Wix?

I’ve listed all the features and benefits of Wix above and I think most of you have understood its significance and are now planning on making your first website using Wix. So, I, first, congratulate you for making this great decision, and now, I’ll write down below, the simple steps that you have to follow for getting the job done –


You can easily sign up and create your very own account by going to the Wix homepage. You just have to enter your email address and create a strong password and then click on the sign-up button to create your free account.


After making an account, you will be asked if you want to create a website or not. Once you choose to create a website, Wix ADI will ask you some simple questions and will determine your website design based on your response to the questions. You can then customize your website to your ADI editor.


To continue with the Wix Editor, you must choose a design template for your website which you can choose from over 500 options provided by Wix.


After selecting your favorite template design, you have to go through a series of website editing options in the Wix Editor which will allow you to customize the website according to your taste. You can choose your desired settings from the menus that appear, you can customize the background, elements, etc.


Wix offers you a variety of options to promote and expand your website. You can use these amazing apps such as Online Store, Wix Events, etc. to get the attention of a huge audience towards your website.


When you have explored all of the editing options and fully customized your website, you can click on Publish option from the top menu and complete the design of your website.

And there you go!! You have successfully made your amazing website using all the help that you could get from this lovely platform called Wix.


People across the world have provides Wix with a lot of positive responses on which this entire article is based. Many people have been able to successfully create their choice of websites from Wix and a lot of them have gained a great audience. Wix has got a lot of tools to help you promote your business, it helps you efficiently create and manage your website and a lot more. I recommend that you check Wix out yourself so that you can also avail all of the amazing benefits that it provides.
Trust me! Wix is going to change your life. It’s going to make your business bloom. Invest a little time and get the most out of it.

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