Wix Email Forwarding | Wix Pricing 2023

As I told you in the previous article, Wix is one of the best website builders available out there. But don’t assume it’s the only thing that Wix can do. Wix offers not only the option of website-building but also a ton of tools to promote your art/work. This article is all about one of these amazing tools offered by Wix i.e. Wix email forwarding service. So, hang tight and keep scrolling to know more.

What is Wix?

If you don’t know about this, you probably haven’t read the previous article on this website. So, you can read that one first, if you want but I’ll be summarising what I wrote there, here too. So, you can check that out later.

So, Wix is a powerful tool that helps you create ming boggling websites with extreme ease which you can customize according to your preferences. It offers you a lot of features that allow your website to grow faster and in return increases the chances of your work getting noticed and appreciated. Wix has helped thousands of people design their perfect choice of websites and allowed them to grow rapidly which ultimately brought an increment to their reputation and income.
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Wix Email Forwarding 2021

Wix Email Forwarding | 2021

If you don’t know, an email address matching your domain name is a great idea to promote and exhibit your products/service.
It feels like a professional thing to do and keeps you motivated regarding your business/work.

Therefore, I would, definitely, like to suggest you use this amazing tool by Wix to create a custom email address to let your business bloom. A lot of people are already enjoying the increase in their reach and salary, so, stop wasting much of your time and consider giving it a go!!

Here, below, are the steps to create a custom email address using Wix –
The very first thing that you should do is think of a domain that is easy for your customers and you as well, to memorize, and is also a catchy one. You can add this domain to the Wix Dashboard and register for creating a custom email address for yourself. Now, you can follow everything down below –

  • STEP:1 – Go through the subscription tab.
  • STEP:2 – Click on mailboxes.
  • STEP:3 – Now, you can purchase the mailbox that you feel is the most suitable one for your domain.
  • STEP:4 – From the drop-down menu, select the number of mailboxes that you want to buy.
  • STEP:5 – After that, select between a monthly and a yearly payment plan as per your choice.
  • STEP:6 – In the last step, enter your payment details and click on purchase to complete the payment process.

After all of this is done, you will finally be able to attain your custom business email address that you can access from any of your devices’ Gmail apps.

This will help your website get a professional and decent look by automatically transforming its outlook to make it more attractive and appealing to the customers. It is still only one of its features, there is still a lot more that you will be able to get from Wix email forwarding service 2021.

Wix Email Forwarding | Wix Pricing 2021

Wix is offering you dual plans and you can choose any one of them according to your preference. One of these plans is a Website plan while the other one is a Business Plan.

This has four types of available pricing options, which are listed down below –

  1. Connect Domain – It is the most basic plan and the price of this is ₹80/month.
  2. Combo – It is a plan for personal use, and the price of this is ₹125/month.
  3. Unlimited – This plan is suitable for freelancers and entrepreneurs, and the price of this is ₹185/month.
  4. VIP – This plan comes with First Priority Support, and the price of this is ₹325/month.

Wix offers three types of pricing option for a business plan which is as follows:

  1. Business Basic –
    The price of this plan is ₹225/month.
  2. Business Unlimited –
    The price of this plan is ₹300/month.
  3. Business VIP –
    The price of this plan is ₹500/month.

This was all about Wix email forwarding 2021. If you want to know more about Wix, you can always check my previous article out. Thank you for visiting us! Have a good day!