Is Hiring a Ghostwriter worth it?

If you want to write blogs for your website but don’t have time to research and draft them regularly, you should hire a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter is a content writer who will charge you for the blogs but allow you to publish the blogs under your name. 

Ghostwriting is today a common practice and an established business for most freelance content writers. Ghostwriters write blogs, movie scripts, short stories, novels, white papers, academic writings etc. and are ready to trade their name credit with fees.

Today, there are multiple online publishing platforms. Ghostwriters publish some articles credited to their names and therefore aren’t adamant about having blogs with their names everywhere. 

Benefits of Hiring a Ghostwriter

  1. You get high-quality content published in your name that can enhance your image and brand.
  2. Ghostwriters are freelance content writers looking to make an extra buck. So they will work professionally, giving you quality work while maintaining punctuality.
  3. You can hire ghostwriter whenever you need them, as opposed to hiring a salaried content writer to whom you have to pay irrespective of work done or not at any given time.
  4. You don’t have to depend on a single ghostwriter. You can assign tasks to different ghostwriters to keep a constant influx of quality articles.
  5. Ghostwriters will extensively research the topic you give, saving you valuable time and effort.
  6. A ghostwriter can help you come up with content creation ideas.
  7. Being in the field, a ghostwriter can guide you with the latest trends and accordingly modify your content to match those.

How much does a ghostwriter cost?

Ghostwriters can cost you from $10 per article to more than $1000 for an 800 to 1000 words article, depending on the quality, topic and brand reputation. Initially, you may have to test the quality of the writing, and after a trial of a few writers, you will be able to identify a few that meet your expectations. 

The demand for content writing has surged today as never before. Therefore, it’s advisable to have a monthly contract with a ghostwriter to commit both sides. You can negotiate an affordable fee structure with the ghostwriter, assuring you of providing the ghostwriter with a secured business.

A random contract might compel the ghostwriter to look for another extra task. It may result in him getting busy during your assignments, leading to the late publishing of your blogs.

Should I hire a ghostwriter?

If you plan to promote your business through your website or develop your brand, it’s crucial to publish blogs consistently. Regular blogging activity on your website makes the search engine happy since they always look to present information to the web visitors responding to their search queries.

Moreover, it’s an ideal way to drive traffic to your website. Netizens always check for information to get help finding answers to their questions. And if you could provide content that they find valuable for them, they will regularly visit your website to find newer information, and you need to oblige to their expectations.

Regular informative blogs on a website help the business to increase its brand value. Quality written content draws many web visitors to it. Further, they share the content with their associates, resulting in the blog getting more hits.

Regular content will only come from a dedicated content writer, which in this case is the ghostwriter. 

WebStory: Benefits of Hiring Ghostwriter


If you are wondering, “Is hiring a ghostwriter worth it?” then the answer is a big Yes. You might think of writing your blogs, but where will you get the time to do that? You may need to prioritize your core business activities, and then if time permits, you can craft your blogs.

But research for blogging takes a considerable time, and it may not be a regular one. You may have to plan your content publishing calendar. And you will need to follow this similar to a ritual to achieve the appropriate goals.

Any miss-out on publishing the blogs in time may hamper your blog’s performance. That’s why you need a ghostwriter who can deliver quality articles on time. The cost of paying for the ghostwriter’s charges is much more affordable than the time wasted by publishing the blogs missing the scheduled time or not publishing.