Is Vacuum Cleaner Worth Buying?

Cleaning your home is one of the most challenging jobs we come across. A dusty and dirty home can help germs and bacteria breed, followed by an unhygienic situation.

It can lead to serious health issues for people suffering from dust allergies and asthma. 

There are various ways of cleaning homes. Many prefer to go by the conventional practice of removing the dust with a damp cloth and a floor mop. It is suitable for cleaning flat surfaces like floors, tables, etc. But it is restricted to clean sofa sets, mattresses, window sliders, beds, etc. 

A vacuum cleaner solves most of the problems you encounter while cleaning surfaces like rough or textured surfaces, gaps, and corners inaccessible to your hand or fingers. There are some spots at home where you need to climb or go underneath to get that cleaned.

Vacuum cleaners clean everything with less effort applied. They are easy to use and clean the house, and the cleanliness quality is always high.

This article will help you to know more about vacuum cleaners and their benefits.

Benefits of Buying Vacuum cleaner

Let us have a look at some of the benefits a vacuum cleaner offers:

Time and energy saver

Vacuum cleaners can spotlessly clean your house within only 15 minutes, keeping you fresh and energetic. Manually cleaning takes hours to get the house cleaned. You drain out your energy by the time the cleaning is complete.

Frees air from allergens

The HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) or similar filters block and remove the contaminants and disease-spreading germs present in the air. Manufacturers of vacuum cleaners equip the cleaners with these filters, ensuring you breathe clean air.

Removes foul odour and pet hairs

You need not worry if your pet hairs fall on the floor or stuck in the sofa cover or the carpet. Due to the high suction power, the vacuum cleaner effortlessly pulls out these hairs leaving them clean as new. It also removes the foul odour from these surfaces easily.

No messy affair

Have you ever manually cleaned your house without using a vacuum cleaner? Remember masking your mouth and nose to avoid dust entering there?

While cleaning with the vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to do anything. As the vacuum cleaner sucks every piece of dust and dirt in its dust collector box, nothing spreads out in the open, and you don’t have to lock your nose and mouse for that.

Vacuum cleaning is a stylish way of cleaning.


As you aren’t exposed to dirt or dust while cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, the chances of getting infected due to contaminants from the filth are zero. While cleaning manually, the risk of health getting ruined is more, which may call for treatment costs equivalent to or more than the cost of a vacuum cleaner.

Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Online for Home

Here are some Dyson vacuum cleaners for home, the most selling brand for you to buy:

Dyson V12

Dyson V12 Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner

Suited for various floor types, the Dyson V12 vacuum cleaner is one of the best vacuum cleaners today. It is a cordless vacuum cleaner saving you the hassle of caring for the long wire attached to the regular vacuum cleaners.

The direct drive cleaner of this Dyson Vacuum Cleaner head cleans carpets and rugs. The hard surfaces like tiles, cement floors, marble floors, and wooden floors use the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head. The laser technology helps to cleanse the microscopic dust.

With a suction power of 150 air watts, this device continuously functions for approximately 60 hours. The LCD screen fitted to this model graphically presents the cleaning statistics. Handling is easy due to its lightweight.

Dyson V8

Dyson V8

The Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner is designed to clean various types of floors. It is one of the best vacuum cleaners today. Being cord-free saves you the trouble of caring for the long cable attached.

Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner comes with an advanced filtration system that removes allergens to give out clean air. It is fitted with the Dyson Digital Motor V8 to spin at the rate of 1,10,000 rpm. Produces up to 115 Air watts creating a powerful suction.

You can switch between two power modes, MAX-mode to use high power for 7 minutes or Powerful-mode for long cleaning.

You get a complimentary cleaning kit with this model.

Dyson V15

Dyson V15 cleaner for home

Dyson V15 is the another most intelligent and best vacuum cleaner for home. This cleaner is battery-powered. 3 cleaning modes are provided, switch to any one as per requirement.

Now don’t worry if you don’t notice any dust and dirt. The laser technology equipped with this vacuum cleaner detects all microscopic particles and leaves your house clean and fresh. 

A piezo sensor equipped with this cleaner helps to detect the size of dust particles and their count continuously.

Use Dyson V15 vacuum cleaner for 1 hour as the suction is fade-free. No-touch utility helps to empty the bin hygienically. It is crafted to clean microscopic particles of size 0.3microns. 

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The home is where we relax and feel secure all the time. Our home is where we spend most of our quality time with our family. Cleaning the house to make it sparkle may be tedious, but all gets easy when you use a vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner not only speedily cleans your home but also intensely and hygienically, as it removes all the allergens and contaminants from the air. These device today can be called ambassadors of cleanliness, and you can stylishly clean your home.


Why should I buy vacuum cleaners?

You should buy vacuum cleaners as they clean your house in a better way than you clean manually.

I fear increased power charges using vacuum cleaners.

Yes, there will be a surge in power bills, but if you compare the benefits with your power bills, the benefits of using vacuum cleaner carry more weightage.

How frequently should I use a vacuum cleaner?

You can use the vacuum cleaner every weekend. That is enough to cover the cleanliness till the following week. During the allergic season, have practice cleaning twice a week.

What is the life of a vacuum cleaner?

They are known to last for about eight years on average.