5 Best Tower Fan Cooler for Home | 2023

Tower fan coolers for home are designed to be easily portable to be moved easily within your home or even office. Tower fan coolers for home enable you to enjoy the comfort it provides and effortlessly fit within your home space, as and when required. They also establish a modern look to compliment your interiors while keeping you comfortable.

Why are tower fans better?

  • Tower fan coolers are better equipped to provide its users comfort in a hot and humid environment. They are particularly effective in geographies like that of India and its sub-continent.
  • One of the primary advantages of these fan coolers is that they are much more power-efficient than a conventional air conditioner since much less electrical power is consumed to run it, resulting in lower operating costs.
  • Another advantage is portability due to its design. Most tower fans coolers are designed like a tower which implements a cooling system from rotating blades and is equipped with speed and swing controls to cater to a wide range of home users.

Best Tower Fan Cooler in India | 2022

Bajaj Tempesta 80 W Tower Fan For Home with Remote Control

4 Speed Levels2 Yr Warranty
70-degree OscillationDouble Sided Washable Filter

This highly rated tower fan cooler from Bajaj is a floor fan. With a 300 CMH air delivery, this Bajaj tower fan cooler looks small but packs a punch. Its mounting type is free standing and is ideal for indoor usage. The plastic outer body offers easy periodic cleaning, and its brown color fits in well within most homes, accentuating a modern look.

A remote is provided along with Tempesta air cooler to allow you to select four different speed levels being offered. Product USP lies in its ease of installation based on its customer reviews.

Bajaj Snowvent Cooler

Power : 150W1 Yr Warranty
Ergonomic Control PanelLight Weight & Portable

Snowvent is a blower tower fan from the house of Bajaj. Its material is composed of ABS, a safe, durable and chemically resistant thermoplastic. This Bajaj tower fan comes with button control to select any of the three different speeds and swing control, providing you with a strong wind to cool you down fast and effectively.

This free-standing Bajaj tower fan cooler comes in a vibrant and peppy blue turquoise colour to add oomph to your indoors.

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Croma Slim Fan Cooler For Home

Fan with Copper Motor2 Years Warranty
3 speed choice60 degree oscillation

Croma Air Tower Cooler comes with a base plate for mounting. This slim beauty is a Tata product and offers 60 degrees of oscillation. A pure copper motor coupled with three-speed settings delivers high air volume with minimum noise.

Along with the rated power consumption of 45 Watts, a three-hour timer can be set to automatically turn off the tower fan cooler after a runtime of three hours, thereby enabling you further energy savings.


Motor with Overheat Protection1 Year Impex India Warrant
High Air DeliveryLow Power Consumption

Aerodynamically designed with triple blades and an economic motor at its heart, this Impex tower cooler from the house of Impex delivers air at a rate greater than 2k+ m3 /hr. Its sleek looks complement its inverter compatibility and overheat protection.

One of the highest-rated features of this Impex product is its regulated movement, based on Amazon customers’ reviews. This floor mounting tower fan also comes with a one-year warranty.

iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan Cooler

25 Feet Air Delivery18 Months Warranty
4 Way Air FlowTough Blower

iBELL brings a floor tower fan cooler, which looks good and feels better. Tired and exhausted from the draining heat in your house? Then this will blow you away with its all-powerful motor, which boasts air delivery capabilities up to 25 feet away. A high-quality PP plastic exterior ensures its sturdiness from the occasional bumps and falls. Its swing feature gives you an air distribution up to 90 degrees.


Tower fan coolers come with a range of speed and swing control and offer comfort balanced with power savings. The stylish and sleek build of the tower fans adds a modern outlook to your home or office setting. The portability and ease of assembly offer quick relief to its indoor users.


Is a tower fan worth it?

Yes! Tower fan coolers offer value for money, primarily due to their lower cost than any air conditioner, lesser power consumption due to their lower Wattage, better airflow from dynamic speed & swing settings, and higher portability arising from easy mounting/setup and lower item weight.

It is highly recommended to go for a top-rated tower fan cooler to cool off during the summer season!