Best Air Cooler for Home | 2022

As summer is just knocking at the doors, all we need is a chilling vibe with fresh lemonade inside your room after a hectic working day. But is your budget a bit low? What to do? Don’t worry; our selected best air cooler for home can be the best remedy.

In today’s article, we will tell you which air cooler is the best for your home this summer? Let’s read.

Air cooler: What’s that?

Ambient chilling provided by portable temperature control systems is beneficial to our well being. There is hardly anything but moisture. Because the airflow is continuously clean and rarely stagnant or oppressive, they assist in reducing symptoms.


These air coolers for home are strongly suggested for extreme temperature and moderate dampness; a compact wind cooling system may provide just the right amount of condensation in the atmosphere to make the respiration area more approachable and pleasant.

They are advantageous to everybody in this conditioning or a centralized air conditioning system.

The transportable variants are lovely complements that can be used everywhere to provide vital hydration in the arid, uncomfortable atmosphere.

Top 7 Air Coolers for Home 2022

We have found the best seven coolers, only for you to install this summer, so that you can enjoy the chilled vibes this April-May-June!

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler

4-Way Air DeflectionHoneycomb Pads
Can run on inverter powerRust-free body
Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler for home

Compton has come up with a super-intelligent air cooler that provides three distinct styles of cooling. It has the potential to hold 75 liters. You can rely on on-air delivery of 4200 CMH. There’s a particular empty tank alarm for sudden need. It offers motor-aided and automated louvers with swinging acts that deflect air in four watering point definers for specific regulatory features. This is amazing with a rust-free physical shape that gives you seamless feel like a premium air cooler.

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler for Home

Clean Air with i-Pure TechnologyPowerful Blower
High-Efficiency CoolingLow Power Consumption

Are you the owner of a 12 Sq.ft room? Then this Symphony, Air Cooler for Home would be ideal for you. It’s super easy to use and install. You will enjoy the latest air i-Pune technology, coupled with multitasking filtration. It withstands polluted air, microbes producing bad smells, and allergies to provide you with youthful airflow. For sufficient chilling, protect openings and windows upright. The air cooling system works more efficiently with a vast 12L tank and leveling manifestation process.

Bajaj PX 97 Torque New 36L Personal Air Cooler For Home

Turbo Fan TechnologyPowerful Air Throw
36-Litre Water TankWarranty – 1 year

This one from Bajaj is a newly launched model, you can easily google and find out about Amazon’s top-rated pocket-sized air coolers for home in 2022. This Prime certified product comes with 100 Watt power assistance and easy-going features. With a capacity of holding 36 liters of fresh, chilled air, this air cooler has adjustable nozzles to modify the cooling according to the temperature.

It has a fantastic honeycomb pad that successfully seeps all the harmful elements and microbes causing foul odors. All the metals used to make this cooler is polycarbonate, Butadiene, etc. The super-smart Turbo Fan technology gives a massive amount of airflow ( 1500 CMH).

Symphony Storm 70 XL Desert | Best Air Cooler For Home (Grey)

Honeycomb PadsOne year warranty
70-liter tank CapacityLow Power Consumption

Under optimum circumstances, this Symphony Storm air cooler for home, elevated compact dry cooling system can chill surfaces up to 37 square meters. According to professionals, it has a multiple-stage filtration to counteract environmental contamination, aroma bacteria, and sensitivities to a hygienic atmosphere. Keep entrances and vents accessible to allow for proper ventilation.

Flexible rotary handle settings make it easy to use while contributing to its contemporary and attractive design. The carefully built blade of this air-cooler generates a robust and constant circulation that rapidly cools the environment and maintains people’s comfortable.

Symphony Diet Air cooler ( 12 L)

Clean Air with i-Pure TechnologHoneycomb Pads
12-liter tankLow Power Consumption

With the capacity to hold 12 liters of fresh, and cool air, this Symphony diet plastic-made air cooler for your home is backed by 170 Watt power. You can easily install it inside your 12 Sq. meter space. It retains an elevated amount of cold water as the ultra-boosting pump works extremely confidently. Its glossy, shiny physic gives you a prime look. You can easily call it portable as well.

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Symphony Ice Cube ( Personal Air cooler)

Everlast Pump1 yr Warranty
Clean Ice ChamberHumidity Control

Yet another best plastic-body air cooler for home, that runs with a backing of 105W. This Symphony Ice Cube comprises knob-control settings, 16 Sq. Meter space content, multilayered filtration, and a huge 27 L tank for massive water holding. There are Blue, and White color options available.

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Desert Air cooler ( Optimus from Crompton, 100L

4-Way Air DeflectionHoneycomb Pads
Can run on inverter powerRust-free body

Crompton has designed their new air cooler that will provide a frosty feel to those who are feeling lost in the desert this Summer. As the company claims, this air cooler can cover an area of up to 650 Sq. meter with a capacity to hold 100 liters of water and deliver 5500 CMH. (*There’s a 65 L variant available). Customers will get multiple air orientations, controlled by an automated swing.

Conclusion | Air Cooler for Home

We have just covered the best-reviewed air coolers for home in 2022. You can also look for another option as well.