Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ | 2022

A Motorcycle accident lawyer is a type of lawyer who deals with the investigation of a motorcycle crash, collects all the evidence to prove the points of their client, and evaluates all the strengths and weaknesses of the case with the client. After these processes, motorcycle accident advocates file their client’s claim and represent their client at court hearings and trials. They may also organize a negotiated settlement of their client with the insurance companies or with the attorney representing the defendant.

motorcycle accident lawyers in Phoenix, AZ

It is quite difficult for the victim to do all these things alone or even with an amateur lawyer.

You need an expert and a professional for this. That is why, to make your process hassle-free, we are providing you with a list of the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Phoenix, AZ.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Firm in Phoenix, AZ

Katz & Bloom Law Firm

Katz & Bloom Law Firm

Katz and Bloom is a law firm with highly talented Family lawyers, Norman M. Katz and Jay R. Bloom with great abilities to represent the case in the courtroom if the negotiated settlement didn’t work for you. They have been winning cases throughout their career. Thus, attorneys of Katz and Bloom law firm with their successful work career, know how to represent all the case-related facts and evidence to get the desired results from the hearing. If you are looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer, then you can definitely contact Katz and bloom Law firm from our provided link.

Kester Law Group PLLC

kester law group

Kester Law Group PLLC is a personal injury and criminal defense lawyer in Arizona. Gary A. Kester is the attorney in Kester Law Group PLLC. He is a professional motorcycle accident lawyer of phoenix. He got his law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. He is featured in Avvo as an Excellent personal injury lawyer, listed in the National Top 100 Trial lawyers, won the Client’s Choice Award 2012, and Top contributor Award in 2017.

He has been helping accident victims, the family of the victim, and those with charges of criminal offenses for more than a decade. With his magnificent skills and experience in both, defending from insurance claims or claiming for compensation on the behalf of victims, won in thousands of cases.

Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys | Motorcycle accident lawyers in Phoenix, AZ


Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys is a law firm that has knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, especially in personal injury law, as they understand how painful and devastating the situations be for anyone after an accident just because of someone’s carelessness, he or she may not be able to do basic things on their own and rely on family members. The family members also have to suffer with the victim.

That’s why Lloyd Baker Injury attorneys help motorcycle accident victims to evaluate and analyze the whole scenario and fight for your rights in the courtroom to get the compensation that you deserve. They can be the best motorcycle accident lawyer in phoenix. Go and get a free consultation from their side.

Michael Cordova Injury Attorneys

Michael Cordova Injury Attorneys

Michael Cordova Injury Attorneys was founded by Michael Fairbairn Cordova in 1994. Michael Fairbairn Cordova obtained his law degree from Harvard Law School. It is one of the most popular law firms in the state of Arizona.

Michael Cordova Injury Attorneys have all the required skills and strategies to not only claim for compensation but also to put facts and evidence at trial to prove your innocence. This firm helps to provide the rights that you deserve. Contact through their contact number for any consultation.

Pincus Law Firm, PLC

Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

Personal injury claims can be a difficult process for anyone to face alone, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the actions needed to claim compensation or even for negotiation settlements.

That is why Pincus Law Firm is providing help to many victims of accidents in Phoenix and providing guidance throughout the process. There is no consultation fee. Call them if you have any queries or cases to discuss with them.

Saavedra Law Firm, PLC

Saavedra Law Firm, PLC

Freddy Saavedra is one of the founders of Saavedra Law Firm. This law firm ensures the help and support of the best motorcycle accident lawyers in phoenix till the end of your whole claim process.

The previous clients of Saavedra Law Firm reviewed it as the best law firm with the most honest and compassionate motorcycle accident lawyers who are incredible at handling their job.

Southwest Injury Law, PLC | Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Phoenix, AZ


Southwest Injury Law is another Law firm in Phoenix, Arizona that provides you with the best motorcycle accident lawyer. This firm is also awarded as the best motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix in the year 2021.

Luis Ayon is an advocate at Southwest Injury Law, he has handled many complex cases successfully in his career.


It can be a bit difficult for a normal person to handle legal processes for personal injury claims due to a lack of knowledge in this field. Also, insurance companies with their defendant lawyer try their best to settle down the matter in low compensation.

However, the law firms mentioned in this article will help you with the best advisory and support. Hit the link to see their websites and contact them to get a consultation.