Is a Shiatsu Massage good for you?

Whenever you want to rejuvenate your body, you think of getting a massage. It is one of the best techniques to reduce stress and enhance relaxation. A good massage helps you reduce pains, muscle soreness, and muscle tension, improving blood circulation and lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

There are many forms of massage throughout the world. Today we will talk about Shiatsu Massage and help you choose the correct device offering the same.

First, let’s try to understand what a Shiatsu Massage is.

What is Shiatsu Massage?

In Shiatsu massage, the massage therapist mainly uses his / her fingers, thumbs and palms to massage your body. The ultimate goal of this massage is to heal and free the body from stress by targeting several parts of the body. 

In this technique, the massage therapist applies pressure to various points on the body. It helps generate a flow of energy and restore overall harmony in your body, resulting in healing the body overall.

The duration of massage lasts for over 45 minutes to 60 minutes. You are allowed to control the pressure by discussing it with the therapist.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Massage offers many benefits- not only to the body but to the mind also.

Users believe the Shiatsu Massage can treat problems like:

  • Joint problems
  • Arthritis
  • Acute and chronic neck and back pains
  • Sciatica
  • Bronchitis and Sinusitis etc.

Along with rejuvenating the body and overcoming tiredness and weakness, Shiatsu also helps with the:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Poor posture
  3. Headaches
  4. Digestive problems
  5. Coughs and cold
  6. Sprain injuries
  7. Morning sickness etc. 

Individuals not suffering from illnesses also enjoy the relaxation they get after getting this massage.

Today, it may be hard to find a perfect Shiatsu massager. Even if you find he/she may be too expensive. A typical massager will cost you a minimum of Rs. 3000 to 5000 per hour. Even if you plan to have a massage twice a month, it cost Rs. 6000 to 10000. 

To overcome this, you can buy a Shiatsu Massager device, which will fetch the same results. The device will help you to save on your money and more importantly time. You can use it daily to keep yourself energized and fit all of the time.

#1 Best Shiatshu Portable Massager: beatXP

beatXP Shiatsu Massage

beatXP Massage Chair is a portable massage chair designed to relieve your stress effortlessly. The chair is portable, allowing you to place it anywhere in your house.

The material used is durable PU Leather and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, which adds to the durability of the chair. It weighs only 5.8 KG, helping you to carry it anywhere in the house or in your office too.

The five motors and multiple heads in the massager give you a unique experience of getting the massage straight for a Japanese massager. The motors have a massive rotation speed of 3000 RPM at 2.2kg F torque.

In addition, this deep heal cushion massager relieves and relaxes you from pain by providing deep kneading and vibrations. The device features a heating and infrared massage therapy mode providing heating sensations up to 45 degrees C. You can increase or decrease the intensity of massage or heat and switch between different modes by controlling the device with the help of a remote control.

The deep kneading nodes will massage your neck while the up and down rollers will soothe your back relaxing you. In addition, the seat vibrators will relax you while you sit on them.  

Say bye-bye to frequent back pains, and stiff shoulders. You can set up an automatic shut-off timer for this device, thereby getting only the required massage you need.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year replacement warranty on the device.

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Your body gets tired of daily chores. In addition, to keep ourselves fit, most of us join gyms or go jogging, thereby tiring the body excessively. The body cells also need to relax to energise themselves, thereby energising us.

A massage is the best solution to this. But having a manual massage has limits with respect to expenses and manpower. A massage device can help you to rejuvenate your body and keep yourself enthusiastic all the time.

A Shiatsu Massager is the best option which can solve many of your body relaxation purposes.