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This is a hard time for all of us. We have to be together in this situation and avoid any kind of physical contact with each other. Now, this can pose a big host of problems, especially, for students. It is truly difficult for them to learn and improve without face-to-face interaction with their mentors. So, learning online seems a bit misleading and unhelpful in this scenario but it’s too soon to judge.

Internshala Trainings - Online Learning

While learning online, you don’t have to worry about missing lectures, or what attire you’re wearing, or what place you have to sit at. It provides you with total comfort from your home.
You can record the lessons that you’re taught and thus eliminate your worries of missing lectures. You can lie on your sofa or bed, or any other place you want and attend to your lessons according to your comfort. Also, there are pre-recorded lectures available that help you wherever and whenever you need them. Now, if you are thinking of discovering what it’s like to learn stuff online, I recommend the Internshala trainings as this is the best one of all the other platforms available out there.

About Internshala | Internshala Trainings 2023

Internshala Trainings

Internshala is a technology company that aims to provide students with appropriate skills and practical exposure by using internships and online training. Here, at Internshala, you will be able to make your dream, of turning your passion into your career, come true. Internshala training is truly the best, as here, your practical skills matter more than your university degree. You will be able to graduate full of confidence and assurance. You will be prepared to claim your righteous place in the world. Internshala is a place for you to learn and become what you’ve always dreamt about. If you’re willing to learn and if you’re willing to follow your passion, then my friend, Internshala is the place for you.


Internshala Trainings excites me because I’ve gone through its amazing course. It has helped me realize my potential and now I feel much more confident in myself than I ever did. I have also earned from their Refer and Earn Program. I, also, got selected as an intern after doing training from Internshala.

The courses here, include lectures in the form of videos and exercises for practice. These videos are really exciting and help us to have a wonderful experience while learning. Internshala has helped thousands of students realize their dream. Now, it’s your turn to make yours come true, and trust me, there is no better platform than Internshala to make it happen.


android development- internshala trainingsThere are more than 2.6 million applications available on the play store with more than 75 billion downloads a year. Thus, it’s worth a try, and also nothing sounds more amazing than an app under your name, in the play store.

Whether you have an app or a blog, or a Youtube channel, or want to manage publicity for your college fest; digital marketing can help you reach millions.

It will help you build amazing websites. With more than 1.7 billion websites out there on the internet, it is a great career option.

It is the most widely used CAD software by engineers, architects, etc. You can become a pro at design. Creating and editing designs in AutoCAD is quick and hassle-free.


  1. They have a Refer and Earn Program by which you can make ₹150 per referral.
  2. Internshala  also offers an online internship program. You have to apply for different companies listed on the website and if selected, you will get an internship. With the same Internshala training certificate, I also got selected.
  3. Enter Promo Code “ISRP3278194 ” to get extra discount on internshala trainings courses.

FAQ's About Internshala Training

Internshala has gotten a lot of reviews and in almost all of them, people only have nice things to say about Internshala’s environment. It is a really good platform for anyone trying to chase his dream. It’s good for professionals, it’s good for beginners too. It seeks to make you feel confident in yourself and helps you to understand your true potential.

Yes, as I said earlier, Internshala training is perfect for a beginner. You can learn a lot here on this platform. You just have to choose what you want to do and Internshala will help you realize your dream.

There are a lot of courses available in Internshala Trainings. The lectures consist of videos and exercises for practice. These provide you with a wonderful learning experience.

Yes, of course, they are valuable but according to my a certificate doesn’t all that matter as do your skills. The skills are much more important than the certificate.