Best Under Desk treadmill | India 2024

Even if you manage a daily run, if you don’t work in an active field, you’ll probably spend the majority of your day sitting down.

However, just because you work at a desk doesn’t mean you have to sit there for hours on end. With each step, a walking treadmill, also known as an under-desk treadmill, can keep you moving throughout the day, enhancing your metabolism and cardiovascular health.

Here in this article, you will get to know about the best under desk treadmill to use.

Advantages of having Best Under desk Treadmills

Other treadmill desk benefits include improved mental health, physical fitness, and job performance, in addition to being the envy of the company.

  • Reduces Stress and Improves Mood
  • Creativity is boosted
  • Boosts Productivity
  • Helps you maintain a healthy body weight
  • Reduces the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Aids in its Management
  • Blood Pressure is Reduced
  • Aids in the maintenance of strong bones

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Best Under desk Treadmill

Cockatoo WP100 under desk treadmill

8 Km/HrDC Motorised Treadmill
2 Year WarrantyTransport wheels for easy movement

The best under desk treadmill is Cockatoo WP100. Its features as follow

  • Steel crown rollers, maximum user weight: 120 kilograms.
  • By keeping the belt straight and running smoothly, it decreases noise.
  • The entire system is controlled using a remote control.
  • Listen to music while connected to your phone.
  • Wheels make transportation simple.
  • Long-Lasting Security Ultra-Lightweight Running Board. You may go for a stroll or jog in the quiet of your own house. Exercising and staying in shape is a sport.

Durafit Compact 2.5 HP Peak DC Motorized Treadmill

Max Speed 8 Km/Hr5 years of Frame Warranty
LED DisplayFree Installation Assistance

One of the best under desk Treadmill is Durafit Compact.

Bring home this Durafit Compact (2.5 HP Peak) DC Motorised Treadmill, which features a powerful and high-performance motor that provides a quiet and energy-efficient workout. Furthermore, it is equipped with the Ezee-fold hydraulic system, which allows you to fold and unfold the treadmill without difficulty. In addition, the folding locking system ensures that your treadmill can be easily folded, locked, and stored.

Features –

  • Noiseless, long-lasting motor
  • Sensor for measuring heart rate
  • Portable
  • Hydraulic System Ezee-fold
  • Locking System that Folds
  • Sound System

Sparnod Fitness Treadmill

Lifetime Frame WarrantySlim Enough to be stored Under Bed
Anti-Slip Running Belt2-in-1 Folding Walking and Running Treadmill

The maximum user weight capacity of this Sparnod Fitness STH-1200 (3HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill is 100 kg. It is considered to be the best under desk treadmill. Sparnod Fitness, on the other hand, advocates running with a 25-pound buffer. For example, if you weigh 90 kilograms or less, you should get a treadmill with a maximum user weight capacity of 115 kilograms.


  • 2 Hi-Fi speakers with USB and AUX cables for playing music from your phone
  • Wheels make transportation simple.
  • The pulse sensor allows you to keep track of your heart rate.
  • One crisp digital 3-inch LCD is included.
  • And, if you have an emergency system installed, the emergency stop switch will assist you in stopping if you need to stop quickly.


Adjustable ResistanceLCD Monitor and Heart Rate Sensor
1 Year WarrantyFoam Grip Handle

The Maxpro PTM 101 1.5 HP (3HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill is specifically built for the home environment, featuring many intelligent features, combining the quality and performance you desire with the flexibility of a treadmill, and it can be simply folded and stored.


  • LCD Display with Multiple Functions
  • Key to Safety in an Emergency
  • a strong motor
  • Design that folds and saves space
  • Sensor for measuring heart rate
  • Built-in speakers and audio connections for iPhone/MP3

PowerMax Fitness JogPad desk display Treadmill

Adjustable ResistanceLCD Monitor and Heart Rate Sensor
1 Year WarrantyFoam Grip Handle

Looking for a best under desk treadmill for home or gym. Here is the PowerMax treadmill, which aids in the fight against crabs by allowing you to jog at a top speed of 14km per hour on a treadmill driven by a 2.0 Horse Power Hi-Torque DC motor.

This PowerMax treadmill has current features such as a Bluetooth app to link your phone to the treadmill, a unique Running Surface with a side rail, and is easier to use regularly.


  • high-calorie expenditure,
  • Your workout will be unaffected by the weather.
  • You can keep track of how hard you’re working out.
  • It may be a safer alternative to running outside.


Treadmill desks are yet another fantastic way to get some movement into an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. They’re undoubtedly the most active form of workstation you can get your hands on!

Getting a best under desk treadmill, on the other hand, has several benefits and drawbacks. They aren’t for everyone. But I’m willing to guess that they’ll only become more common in homes and offices as time goes on.

You can use the above list to see if a walking treadmill is right for you.