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In this era of visualization, every single person wants to visualize the content that they want to see and for that, we need a short clip or a video to narrate the content. A good voice over is mandatory to narrate the points of the video and it also enhances the video quality. An efficient voice over can drive sales, get you more views as well as subscribers and increase the number of clicks. However, giving a great voice-over to the video requires a decent mic and sometimes repeated retakes which can probably consume a lot of time and money. Moreover, you need to rely on voice over artists when you are not confident with your own voice.

If you are a content creator and you have a hard time getting voice-overs of your scripts, then stay tuned till the end of the article.

We are disclosing the best software for voice over of 2021 that can convert any text into a 100% human-sounding voice-over in no time

Speechelo - Best Software for Voice Over

Speechelo is the best software for voice over in 2021. It perfectly transforms the text into a voice over that exactly sounds like a human voice. Like any other text-to-speech tool, you will never find this voice over software to sound like a robot or machine-generated voice. It makes the process more easy and accurate for content and video creators to get the voice for their videos. As it provides you with 20+ human-sounding voices to choose from.

speechelo - best voice over software

Features of Speechelo

Speechelo (Voice over Software) offers some amazing features that give it a unique place in the whole list of voice-over software. It is the best voice over tool in 2021 due to its cool features and user-friendly interface. It is equipped with features and options that can add inflections and different tones to the voice which makes it sound natural. Now let’s discuss the features of speechelo in detail.

  1. Human sounding voice: Voice over generated by speechelo sounds so natural that no one can complain or tell that it is not a human being behind this voice.
  2. Easy to use: Anyone can easily generate a good voice-over even if he\she does not have any experience of working with these voice-over softwares. Speechelo generates the voiceovers in just 3 clicks. It is fast and very simple to process.
  3. Three types of voice tones: Speechelo is the only AI text-to-speech software that can narrate the content in three voice tones: normal tone, serious tone, and joyful tone.
  4. Female and male voice: The voices are available in both male and female gender voice tones. You can use them in videos as per your requirements.
  5. Works with every video creation software: Speechelo voice-over software is compatible with any video creation software such as Audacity, Adobe premier, Camtasia, iMovie, etc to give the best voice-over.
  6. Cost-effective: With Speechelo, Creators do not have to invest in costly microphones and setups. Say goodbye to expensive voice-over artists and freelancers. Honestly, speechelo is the best software for voice over which is currently available in a one-time payment which you just have to invest once to get lifetime access to the tool.
  7. Add inflections: Speechelo is the only voice-over software that can add inflections to the voice, emphasize any particular expression, and take pause and breath wherever necessary. These are the major features of speechelo that take the voice-over to the next level.
  8. 24 language options: Speechelo has 23 language options other than English. A video creator can choose any regional language from a wide variety of language options to engage their targeted audience. Every language is available in different genders and voices so that the voice-over sounds like a natural human voice.

How Speechelo works?

Speechelo processes the text and transforms it into a human voice-over in just 3 steps. You can get a voice-over in just a few clicks.

steps of speechelo- best software for voice over
  1. PASTE:  Paste your script\text into the text editor. Speechelo automatically puts all the punctuation marks itself to make the content sounds more natural.
  2. CHOOSE A VOICE AND A LANGUAGE:  From the huge list of 50+ voices and languages, choose the voice, tone, and language as per your requirements.
  3. GENERATE AND DOWNLOAD: It takes less than 10 seconds to transform a text into a 10-minute voice-over. You can download the generated human-sounding voice-over or can directly play and listen to it in order to check if it is the right voice-over that suits your purpose the best.

Speechelo Reviews

Speechelo review given by the users and content creators are as follows:

The video creators and customers who used this voice-over software of 2021, have considered it as one of the best voice-over software. It not only stimulates the speed for the generation of fast voiceovers but also makes the task hassle-free. The number of customers of speechelo is increasing day by day due to its easy to use and all-in-one feature. You can not complain about the quality of voice-overs that speechelo provides.

Moreover, currently, It is at a discount. You just have to make a one-time payment of $47 and you are ready to use speechelo for a lifetime. Also, users do not have to pay for manual updates because Speechelo, the best Software for Voice over is a cloud-based solution.

Speechelo Pricing

The normal price of best software for voice over, speechelo is $100. With a special offer of 53% discount, now you can get full-time access to this voice-over software just for $47.

speechelo offers


Speechelo is the best voice over software and a cloud-based solution. It has the easiest and fastest functionality. Transform any text into a human-sounding voice-over in just 3 simple steps. Speechelo offers a variety of features such as three types of different voices tones, lists a plethora of various languages in both male and female voice tones. Inflections and pauses is a characteristic feature of this voice-over software. AI technology in this best software for voice over enables the voice to stress on a particular area of the sentences to sound realistic.