JSB Foot Massager


Best Foot MAssager Brand

JSB HF04 Foot Massager

For reducing the swelling and numbness in legs, this massager is the  right choice. Using this foot massager can also facilitate a smooth  blood flow circulation in legs.

Human Hands Like Pressing

A massager which can grip foot and calf muscles like JSB HF05 Ultra can  effectively replicate a massage therapist’s hand massage.

Use While Sitting or Reclining 

You can use your JSB HF04 leg massager for pain relief for home while sitting on a chair or while reclining on a sofa

Kneading+Vibration+Heat+Foot Roller Massage

The kneading pads of the massager provide a shiatsu massage to the calves and help in regulating the nervous system of the legs and the overall blood circulation.