Benefits of Using Microwave Oven 

Microwave ovens are a convenient and useful appliance. They can be used  for many different purposes, from warming food to making pop-corn. There are several benefits of using a microwave oven in cooking.

Microwave Oven  helps you save time and energy. It uses microwaves instead of hot air to cook food evenly.

Microwave Oven Saves Time

Compared to a conventional oven, it can cook a joint of meat up to six  times faster. In addition, a microwave oven uses less energy, so it is  an excellent option for busy people.

Compared to regular methods of cooking, microwave cooking reduces the  amount of time needed to cook the food, which helps to preserve more vitamins and minerals.

Retains Nutrients and Vitamins in the Food

Microwave cooking is also faster and more convenient than steaming,  boiling, or baking, which often cause food to lose nutrients.

Cleaning your microwave oven is relatively simple.

Easy to Clean