Are Buying Vacuum Cleaner for Car worth it?

Are Buying Vacuum Cleaner for Car worth it

Several factors make your car dirty, such as dust, pollution etc. Cleaning your car on the exterior is easy with a water wash, but it is vital to clean the car’s interior, which may be tricky and tiresome.

Therefore, having a vacuum cleaner for cars is preferred by many car owners. It makes it easy to clean the challenging areas on the car’s interior using the air suction mechanism of the vacuum cleaner.

An unclean interior of a car may be the best breeding ground for bacteria and germs, posing risks to you and your loved ones. But with the vacuum cleaner for the car, you can thwart these risks by maintaining the proper hygiene level inside your vehicle.

Pros of having a Car Vacuum Cleaner?

Let’s look at some points that prove the worthiness of a car vacuum cleaner.

Effective cleaning

The vacuum cleaner for car will remove all the dirt invisible to your eyes. It will remove pet hairs and free them from dirt, rodents, pests, insects and other filthy elements which may spread diseases. 

Lightweight and compact size

Due to the light weight of the vacuum cleaners, it gets easy for you to carry the unit to various parts of your car’s interior effortlessly. The compact-sized vacuum cleaners can help you to reach the smaller areas inside your vehicle. In addition, they can be placed easily in a small space.


The portable feature is a great advantage, as you can take it wherever you travel and use it whenever you require. If the vacuum cleaner for the car is cordless, it will add more benefits for efficient use, as it won’t tangle or get stuck somewhere while cleaning.

Easy to use

There’s no need for a manual to understand how to use a vacuum cleaner for car. They are easy to use with simple operations allowing you to clean your car quickly and tidily. 

Easy to maintain

The easy maintenance of car vacuum cleaners makes them a favourite for most car owners. After cleaning, you can dump the collected garbage into the dustbin and be ready for the next cleaning. The filters are easily changeable, and the other parts rarely need to be cleaned or repaired.


A good quality vacuum cleaner for cars is surprisingly affordable to fit your budget. A branded vacuum may be on the higher side, but still, it’s worth having a vacuum cleaner for your car with all the benefits explained above.

How powerful should a car vacuum be?

Vacuum Cleaner for Car

A vacuum cleaner for car having a battery of 16V 15 air watts or 15 air watts is considered ideal for optimal cleaning. Low powered than this won’t suffice the need, and high powered may damage some fragile parts while cleaning.

What is the cost of a car vacuum cleaner?

The cost of a vacuum cleaner for car ranges according to the brand and other features.

Let’s have a look at some of the prices.

Black & Decker ACV1205 Vacuum Cleaner₹ 4,650
Coido 6026 Car Vacuum Cleaner₹ 989
Coido 6133 Cyclonic Power Car Vacuum Cleaner₹ 1,599
Coido 6132 DC12V WET & DRY Vacuum Cleaner₹ 1,250
Karcher K2 Premium Car Pressure Washer₹ 5.610
Black & Decker ADV1210 Car Vacuum Cleaner₹ 2.695


Can you use a regular vacuum to clean car?

The standard household vacuum cleaner won’t allow you to clean the narrow and compact spaces in the car interior. For better reach and flexibility, you need to buy a vacuum cleaner for car with or without a cord.


Rising pollution and soil erosion have resulted in increased dusty environments, which has reduced the frequency of settling dust in and around our household items and rooms. The same is observed in our cars too.

Though you can clean a car by washing it on the outer side, you need to maintain the cleanliness of its interior too. Else, it can breed bacteria and contaminants, giving out a foul smell inside.

This condition is a threat to you and your loved one’s health. Mere having air-purifier advertising about killing bacteria won’t suffice the need. You should clean the car from the inside too on a practical level.

And buying a vacuum cleaner for car is the best decision you will ever have to take.

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