Tubebuddy Review | 2023

If you are a YouTuber or want to start your youtube channel, but how to gain enough subscribers and watch time make a shiver in your spin, you are in the right place.

I have been using TubeBuddy for a long time and understand the importance and process of using this popular application to gain recognizable growth. If you learn about YouTuber’s success stories, you find TubeBuddy plays a vital role.

In this article we going to provide you complete information on TubeBuddy Review, with all details which you need to know before start using this Youtube SEO tool.

Before you invest in this application by hearing from any YouTuber, we advise you to use the chrome extension of TubeBuddy, which is 100% free to use. This extension will connect with your YouTube dashboard and provide you with a complete suite of new features that show you your growing channel’s path.

tubebuddy review | 2022

What is TubeBuddy? | Tube Buddy Review 2022

TubeBuddy is Youtuber certified tool application and chrome extension that directly connect with your YouTube dashboard and provides you with lots of new features that help you drive traffic and grow your channel by SEO of your YouTube videos.

With this tool application or chrome extension, you get tons of new features on your YouTube, and all these are 100% safe and secure because Tubebuddy is YouTube certified.

When you combine all the features of this tool with hard work, you get your required result and see a dramatic change in your YouTube analytics, which makes your eyes wide.

What is Tubebuddy Pricing?

Yes! Tubebuddy is a paid tool.

But, as I said earlier, before investing, you can use the free version of this tool by adding a chrome extension on your google.

But the free extension has very limited features, to get the perfect change, you need more than basic and for which you have to pay $9 to $49 per month, according to different plans. All the plans of Tubebuddy are –

  • The Pro Plan

The pro plan is the first upgrade from the free version, and this costs only $9 per month. After upgrading your free Tubebuddy to the Pro plan, you can use most of the necessary youtube SEO tools. The most important feature you get in this plan is keyword explorer and suggested tags, which is the biggest advantage in your career.

  • The Star Plan

This is another upgraded version after the Pro plan. In this feature, you get all YouTube SEO tools and bulk processing tools that speed up and automate all your tasks and works like keyword research, tags, and other important research become automatic.

  • The Legend Plan

This plan is not for everyone. If your youtube work is on a specific level, then you can use this plan. This is worth every penny because you get an A/B testing feature which proved a game-changer on Youtube. Only this specific feature will help you gain millions of views. Over time, your channel will become one of your industry’s popular and gaint channels.

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Tubebuddy Affiliate Program

After reading above information you able to understand about Tubebuddy Review then this time to learn how you can earn from this YouTube SEO tool application.

Content monetization is the best revenue stream for many entrepreneurs and digital nomads. But nowadays, apart from content monetization, digital entrepreneurs use an affiliate program to earn a good amount of money. YouTubers upload videos and earn from ads. Similarly, bloggers write content and generate money from ads.

But another best way to earn a good amount of money is through affiliate programs, and Tubebuddy understands this. That’s why you get one of the best affiliate options with Tubebuddy.

TubeBuddy has an affiliate program in which you get the best commission rate. So, if you are a digital content creator, you get a 50% commission per sale if you choose this affiliate program. The payout threshold is $10, which means you get your payment when your earnings reach upto $10. The payment option is PayPal.

The 50% commission rate provides you with the best option to create recurring revenue for a lifetime using the Tubebuddy affiliate program.

Conclusion | Tubebuddy Review

If you read all the information given above, I think you understand the use of Tubebuddy. Now, you can grow your YouTube channel and make some good money with its affiliate program. So, if this article provides you with complete and genuine information about Tubebuddy Review, do not forget to share and, if possible, leave your valuable comment below.


Is Tubebuddy Free?

Yes, the chrome extension of Tubebuddy is free. You get only some basic features with this free version of the extension.

Is Tubebuddy worth it?

Yes, the chrome extension of Tubebuddy is free. You get only some basic features with this free version of the extension. After researching Tubebuddy and understanding all types of reviews, we reach the stage where we can say that Tubebuddy is worth every penny.

This YouTube video SEO tool can show a dramatic change in your YouTube analytics.