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Dog training often takes dedication, time, and commitment. But it also takes some degree of expertise and knowledge to best take hold of the many benefits that await you. For some people, the required time commitment of dog training is simply a bit too much, or perhaps they simply do not have all the required resources to properly take advantage of their time with training. Either way, this article aims to provide you with some of the benefits that training your dog can bring, whether or not you are willing to commit any time to the process.

Benefits of Dog Training

  1. The first and foremost benefit of obedience training for dogs is that your dog has a strong sense of social order. This includes your dog’s respect for you as their leader, as well as your authority as master. As a result, your dog will act better around other people, as well as dogs, and develop greater relationship skills, instead of fearing and attacking them. These benefits extend to you as well. While your puppy is still a puppy, he/she will begin to display more obeying behavior, instead of displaying the wildest behavior possible.
  2. The second most important benefit of dog training is the development of a strong, lifelong bond. Dogs develop a strong connection with their owner, due to the shared love they feel for their owner. Because of this bond, the owner receives the benefit of greater affection, support, and security from his/her dog.
  3. Another benefit of dog training is the development of mental stimulation. Most dogs lack mental stimulation because their lives are spent in a crate, alone, or under a shelter. But through dog training, you can expose your dog to a wide variety of stimulating experiences, such as seeing new sights, sounds, or people.

Obedience Training for Dogs

  1. Obedience training should teach your dog to obey your commands and follow simple commands such as “sit,” “heel,” and “come.” Basic commands can include “stay” and “down,” while more complex commands, such as “help” or “break” should only be taught to trained dogs.
  2. In addition, you should teach your dog how to control his bladder, as well as ways to control his food consumption.

Brain Dog Training from Adrienne Farricelli from Home

Brain Training for Dogs

Have you heard of Brain Dog Training from Adrienne Farricelli? Some of the other top trainers in the world use this method to help their dogs. Many top dog trainers have incorporated some of the methods into their programs.

Brain Dog Training by Adrienne Farricelli teaches you how to train your dog in an easy way that’s sure to get results fast. It covers everything from how to get him to walk on a leash properly to giving him rewards for being kind to other dogs. It also includes tips on how to deal with difficult or challenging situations, like how to get a dog to stop digging at your toes or how to get him to come when you call him. She even gives you some handy tricks you can learn to make training fun.

So why should you use Brain Dog Training from Adrienne Farricelli?

  1. There are many benefits to this type of method. One is that it is a positive training method. Many dogs don’t respond well to harsh or aggressive methods. With Brain Dog Training from Adrienne Farricelli, you get positive reinforcement with every correct execution. This keeps your dog safe and learning faster. This is the reason many top dog trainers use this method.
  2. Some dogs need to learn how to be on a leash correctly. Brain Dog Training from Adrienne Farricelli can teach him how to properly walk on a leash. Most dogs hate walking on a loose leash and it causes them to lose their balance and even trip. With this method, you can easily correct any problems your dog might have when he walks on a loose leash.
  3. You can also teach your dog several tricks using this method. One trick is called the Frisbee, and it is fun for your dog. You will be able to use your dog’s natural curiosity to help teach him this trick. You can throw a Frisbee disk into the air and try to get it to land on a toy or your leg.

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What this Dog Training Contain?

Dog Training by Adrienne Farricelli consists of seven modules. All the modules are carefully presented and are designed in such a way that they can easily be understood and applied by newbies as well as experienced dog owners. This program is specifically created keeping in mind the requirements of different kinds of breed and temperament of dogs.

Module- 1

This is the foundation for the whole course. Here your dog will learn how to tap into his awesome brain power to become super obedient to your every command.

Module- 2

Now that your dog has mastered foundational training it’s time to improve his skills and use his senses to complete your commands.

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Module- 3

Here your dog will learn about patience and impulse control.

Module- 4

Here you will develop your dog’s motor skills and his ability to concentrate on your commands.

Module- 5

Here you will develop your dog’s intelligence and patience. You’ll also be focusing on helping him with his impulse control to become a better behaved dog.

Module- 6

Here your dog will develop advanced level motor skills and intelligence…to obey your commands.

Module- 7

Your dog is now at ‘genius level’. Why not impress your friends with your dog’s ability to stack rings, tidy his toys, and even play the piano?

Your brain dog training may take a long time or it may only take a few days. Either way, this is an investment in your dog’s health. You will be teaching him how to behave around other dogs as well as people, and this could reduce the chances of your dog being involved in an accident. If you keep up with the lessons, your dog will learn to be obedient, and you will be saving yourself a lot of future headaches. So, get your brain dog training started today!