LuvLap Sunshine Stroller/Pram

  • Weight: 1750 Kg
  • Frame Material: Aluminium
  • for Newborn Baby/Kids
  • Easy Fold
  •  Storage basket,  Back Pocket
  • 360° Front Wheel Swivel

Product Description:

The Pram Sunshine Stroller is the best selling stroller in the LuvLap family. This durable lightweight stroller has all the features of your new baby needs in a stroller: convenience, comfort, durability and easy storage. The Aluminium frame and lightweight wheels make this the perfect stroller for your newborn to early toddler years. It comes with a removable carrying handle and tray for storage or to carry on your car seat. You can also get a padded car seat base to keep the baby safe and comfortable.

  1. The Aluminium frame that is built into the Pram Sunshine Stroller allows you to easily replace the wheels, which is a built-in safety harness makes this stroller easy and safe to use.
  2. The handles are well padded and are well designed to allow you to push the stroller easily. The front swivel wheels turn with ease, even when your child is asleep in the seat.

This is a great stroller that will make your baby more mobile and less fussy while making sure that he or she is safe. This is a great baby travel system that will meet your needs as you shop for a stroller.

When you buy a Pram Sunshine Stroller, you are getting a quality stroller that has all the right features. It has been tested by parents who have used it. It is very comfortable and the seats are well padded. The wheels are not too big and will fit easily on most sidewalks and roads. If you want to buy a stroller that is easy to use, this is one of the best you can buy.

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